Starwolf - Pt.I: The Messengers

Raiders of Galaxy

A shadow in the sunlight
The phantom will appear
Before they do their last fight
They wait in fear.
Killed and burnt by deadly fire
The red haired maniac cries
His laughter makes them tremble
Before they die

Raiders of galaxy - looting for ecstasy
Raiders of galaxy - revenge for their scars
Raiders of galaxy - guardians of history
Raiders of galaxy - sons of the stars

Plundering for kryo-clone slaves
And embryonic cells
Ancient books - the highest crave
Where wisdom dwells
Evil Doctor takes the organs
Of the defeated guys
Today they had bad fortune
They'll pay the price.

And the voice of the wicked man
Will frighten them
Black ist his heart
Like a raven

The Spectre

A spectre ist haunting the galaxy
The spectre of Morgan's revenge
Like black wind of fortune
His message is spread
As pirates we'll stand
We'll fight 'til the end

Like the wolves
We are born to be free
Baring our teeth
On a killing spree
Born to fight
To die for our freedom
We'll defy
The laws of the federation

Murder and piracy
We are falling
For science and humanity
We are calling
Hearts filled with heresy
And the blood from a wolf's jaw
Murder and piracy
We are falling
For science and humanity
We are calling
Hearts filled with heresy
It's the way of the outlaws

Five spectres are haunting the galaxy
Pirates of space
Without any trace
Hunting the treasures of wisdom and fame
Loyal and proud and never to tame

Persecuted by the law
We're bad forevermore
But the message of freedom
Is our war


See the writings on the wall
A new age has to come
It's the message we've sent to you
On the pamphlets made by our hands

In this night, aware of the kingdom come
Resistance enlightens the faculties

What is worth fighting for?
It's our vision of paradise!
Call to arms
We will fight
Comrades, now is the time to strike

We've lost our wisdom
We've lost our wealth
Infestation that crippled the lore
Sent by the Ethic Order
Like a prison warder
It's time for the outbreak of war

Pirates of Space

Behold the symbols of freedom
This life was our decision
Away from planets and countries we're striding
Scientists and clones, hedonists to the bone
We are the refugees
Holy waters of Tarkassidia
She will wait for me
When I'm coming home
To see

Damned by the law
Awaiting the pyre
Raiders we'll be
For eternity
Live by the oath
To punish the liar
Bound by the pledge
To Humanity

Pirates of space!
Pirates of space!

In the asteroid belt of the Tarkassidian sun
We wait for the dawn
Of the new age
Hear the MessengeRs
The cluster's gates are wide
New Port Royal's light
Defending the anchor of thruth
With our pride

Chosen One

Ancient realm of science and freedom
No one ever knew before
They studied the truth
For wisdom and youth.
The dying sun had left her children
She won't shine not anymore
Red giant rise
To their demise

On the prawl for slaves and knowledge
The exvacation was disturbed
Our search was in vein
Destruction and pain.
Death was not the end of their life
The whispering cube was calling me
Words that will guide
To the other side

It's the call of my destiny
I'm the chosen one

I am the chosen one
On the wings of victory
I am the chosen one
Sworn to break free
Forefathers wisdom
And souls to my command
I am the chosen one
Called by destiny

When I go to their dimension
They welcome me with gratitude
With chains in my hand
Protecting their land
I'm the one to face the trial
To save their lives for evermore
They'll give me the price
Our new wold will rise

Earth, Water and Power

We broke the rules of the order
That reigns over our galaxy
Forced to flee from our planet
To the darkness of infinity
The system has failed with controling
Lost in space for all time

The blaze of the storm
The friery tide
Brought me here to the other side
Through the black hole of death
I fell out of breath
We all were bound to die

The end of our lives
Source of all space
Rebirth in an foreign place
An outcast, alone
Away from my home
Survived just by alien grace

They have raised me to a strong man
They've called me the child from the stars
Inducted me into their secrets
The wisdom of fighting my wars

Lore I have to devour
Of earth, water and power

His eight arms of death
I had to defy
While he gazed at me with his eye
The master of fight
Showed me his might
I was a vulnerable guy

He gave me the chance
Joining their clan,
But I was a restless man
I've chosen the path
Out for my wrath
And then my new life began

Reign of the Righteous

The tainted heart of ministry
Will tremble as we cry
The trail of broken promises
Will break and they will die

As a prey
To the Wolf they will fall
In the end
And the reign
Of the righteous will come

Oooh - for our vision with honesty
We will ride through galaxy
For this vision we've sworn to fight
Freedom and right

They killed the slaves on the red stakes of hate
The horizon did burn
The red robes must die
To this wolrd they shall never return

And the fear
Of the wolf they will know
In the end
And the reign
of the righteous will come

Thousand Suns of Eternity

I've picked the rose which I once kissed
Taste the life you will miss
Fall, fall, fly with me
On your wings to the stars
Fall, fall, die with me
In the fire of my sun

I hate your smile
Since the day I was born
The lies are the shell of your live
But glamour and glory
Will die in the dawn
When our revolution arrives

Black the vision of ecstasy
It's the call of my bane
Like thousand suns of eternity
Die in torture and pain
Black the vision of ecstasy
You are under my spell
With thousand suns of eternity
You will burn in my hell.

Sacrifice for your temple
Only by winners
These are the rules of your game
Selfish existence
Fed by the useless
Blinded by riches and fame


He was a leading hero in the war
When he lost his arms and legs
Half of his face was destroyed
The heart and lungs won't
Work again.

He has faced the minister of war
Who refused the cloning-back.
Revenge of a cyborg's heart
Was cold as steel
And he broke his neck.

Then, our hero was born

Ooooh - Starwolf is his name
Ooooh - Starwolf is his name

Sworn forever to the free men's live
To regain our dignity
He has promised a life in ecstasy
And flesh for free

The grail of hatred and scorn

Ooooh - Starwolf is his name
Ooooh - Starwolf is his name

A scientist was the guide
Who gave him back his pride
An old friend from the infantry
With engineers abilities
Both are wanted guys
Traced by the law for the highest prize

Ooooh (4x)

A god of unarmed fight
Is standing by his side
An adept of ancient history
Finding out the mystery
And the poet speaks for all,
The wicked voice of a madman
The messenger

The red star ist glowing
To hunt them in their dreams
The sleep of unknowing,
His dark wrath redeems
They don't know why
But death will come straight
Soon they will die
In his firestorm of hate

Ooooh - Starwolf is his name
Ooooh - Starwolf is his name

Breaking the rules of the federation
He ist the wolf of the stars
He brings an end to our desperation
Starwolf is his name.

The Path of Science

Behold, the world below
A universe of particles
Now glance at the stars
Their life is a flow

Deep in our blood
We found the crown of technology
Key to wealth
Just with the limit of our fantasy

Why should we use
Bionics and robots
And surgery-youth?
If we could create
With the power of gods
Our glorious fate.


Ooh – and there is no escape
From the path of science
Ooh – there is dignity
When hope and truth unite
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Join the path of science
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Where hope and truth unite

Born to face the Wind

Silent floating through the stars
To gain the secrets
Boarding every ship
On our deadly trip
Privateers we'll be
Fight and never flee
Reckless courage of our brothers
sons of victory

Born to face the wind
We're masters of the storm
Glory to this life of piracy
Born to face the wind
We're masters of the storm
Under Morgan's flag
We are masters of the storm

In the shadows of the space
Our ships are waiting
Filled with hate and spite
Against the federations's might
Worker-slaves on the run
Now we stand as one
As fast we came we will be gone
In the Tarkassidian sun

Here we stand at the dawn of a new age
Sworn to reach for the highest goals
Judged and traced by the Inquisition
But it's futile to save our souls