Starwolf - Pt.II: Novastorm

Sword of the Stars

Deep in the cloak of the asteroid field
A planet of water its secrets revealed
Our freedom was dying, they have called my name
I will defend it by the great holy flame

They gave me the strength to keep on the fight
Reborn through the mysteries of blue shining light
They have the knowledge and I have the sword
Bringer of justice, of firestorm

Follow the ancient course
We are sailing the sword of the stars
We're the mighty force
Bringer of firestorm

Spreading the message, the mission is clear
Prowling the stars, the Ghost brings them fear
My judgement is fire, my fire is hate
The new world is trembling, revenge is their fate
My holy revenge

Privateer's Hymn

Strike with power boarding the vessels
Live our lifes in piracy
We are standing strong and united
Until the final storm

See the ship that is shining bright
We’re the hunter and they’re the prey
Treasures found in the silverlight
Now they have to pay

Strike with power boarding the vessels
Live our lifes in piracy
We are standing strong and united
Until the final storm

Dogmatic views have replaced the truth
Decadence in society
Destroyed the power of eternal youth
Drove us into piracy


Like the purifying fire
Flame of humanity
The answer lies in the novastorm
Sign of victory

Wings of Destiny

Giant sphere, force of might
Equal to our sun
It is one of a kind

Lightnings shiver in blue light
Information will come
From the black hole they will find

Wings of Destiny will fly
From the EventHorizon
Lightyears far away
But reaching our hearts
Wings of Destiny will fly
And a new hope ist rising
Through the fire and storm

Soon the sphere will collide
Turned into a novastorm
May it makes our hearts reborn


Silent fall in my dreams
Visions call do
I believe
As I walk forward the misty path

The sky is falling over me
As I'm passing through the flame
Like I'm falling into a sea of light
Where the dark sun glows
With the light from the other side
Either surmise or feel
This world is not unreal

Frozen the sky tonight
Frozen the light
Another world is calling me
To save humanity
Frozen the sky tonight
Frozen the light
Guardian of the culture's heir
For freedom's glare

I can see a statue standing still
Pointing to the distant hill
The town is shining in the night
Like an ivory star
I know they wait for me
And the gates are open wide

The elder ones unveiled the words
That were carved in stone
The knew that I'm the chosen one
To save the dying sun
Their world has died before
It's the legacy of lore


From this portal soon will rise
A cruiser out of paradise
Thousand passengers are tamed
With riches and fame
Like in our society
They've lost their mind and dignity
Mirror of the dying world
That will face it’s future

Without guns and without gear
No one thought that they were here
Twelve men on a deadly trip
Boarding the ship
To make the objects they will need
The kitchen's printer had to read
The plans of Pyro's arsenal
The mission goes on

Visions of fire in the Novastorm
Our Realm in the purifying light reborn
Take our hope into a nother place
Vision of light Novastorm

The MessengeRs are spreading fear
The doctor's music made them cheer
The synth was playing through the wife
The visions of new life
To emphasize this fall of man
The red-head maniac made a plan
To overload the Malestromsphere
A giant explosion

Pleasure Synth

Black and beatiful like a stone
Of obsidian it shines
In my laboratory, waiting for me
She never knew that she would
Feel such a desire

And my dream was coming true
To change the view

Loaded with the energy of lust
It's the instrument that must
Be the orchestra of Joy and delight
Our revolution's coming by
My Synth that amplifies
The resistance and our fight

Mediocrity and stupid words
Have been the purpose in her life
Although expensive education was paid
This may be the force
That will feed my synth with power

Captain's Loot

A secret treasure of Morgan's stride
Many speculations were done
The ancient ones have revealed the truth
About the death of the sun
The cube was telling about a race
Far beyond of all we know
There is no contact and there's no trace
In the shadows of space

Rising force of ancient wisdom
Source of truth in the planet made of water
The secrets of the Captain's loot
Hail Tarkassidia
Rising force of ancient wisdom
Source of truth in the planet made of water
The destination of our quest
Hail Tarkassidia

The Tarkassidian race has tried
A million years before our time
To use the wohle sun’s power and might
In a giant sphere
But it was destroyed by the alein race
Like many others in our galaxy
In order to keep us all in our place
To steal our sunenergy

Now the freedom will fly
And they will pay
They won't control anymore
We'll cut the puppet's strings
The menace will die
They will burn in a storm
The Inquisition no more
The slugs will be gone
The might of the order falls down
Hail to our Captain's Loot
To our friends
Togeher we'll fight 'till the end

Warrior's Ride

It's a tale of a warrior
He was born to fight
His shining armour in the rising sun
The steel at his side
He was the alien visitor
The prophecy has told
Keeper of wisdom and freedom for all
Behold, the chosen one!

Now I will sing the prophecy of ancient times
About the fight for the truth
His steed was as fast as the northern wind
Raging over the land
The mighty chain of light and fire
In his glorious hand
His shining eyes have read the scrolls
Of the mighty forefather's spell
When he rides out of the mist you can hear his mighty yell

Now I will sing about the prophecy of ancient times
About the fight for the truth
Now I will sing about the glorious deeds of the one
Who fights the evil - Warrior's ride

Since ten-thousand years we were waiting for you

Now enter the halls of glory
(The secrets of wisdom - the holy enigma
The secrets of wisdom - the answer lies beyond the stars)

Warrior's ride...

He'll fight for the glory of our wisdom
Not only for Pridas but the whole galaxy
He gave us the promise to save our kingdom
His name will be a legend for evermore
Now I will sing...

With the power of his mighty chains
On his chariot he will rise
Sweep the shadows from the stars
Fight the evil - Warrior's ride

Wild Dolly

Far away, at the border
At this run-down station
No police nor ethic order
Of the federaton
You'll find it easy when it's late
The inn for crooks and pirates
A sheep with eyepatch on the plate
Sound of freedom's spirit

Now join the choir
Of the pirate's song!

Ooooh - a place with salves and pleasures
Ooooh - "Wild Dolly" is it's name
Ooooh - where flesh and smoke are treasures
Hidden and dark in the silence of the stars

Forbidden meat, unhealty beer
Served by precious cloneslaves
Hedonism without fear
Written on our graves

Ooooh - a place with salves and pleasures
Ooooh - "Wild Dolly" is it's name
Ooooh - where flesh and smoke are treasures
Hidden and dark in the silence of the stars
Ooooh - where ale will pour like rivers
Ooooh - it's a dirty drinking hole
Ooooh - a spark of hope that shivers
Hidden and dark in the silence of the stars

Fortress of Freedom

Hypnotized by the face of the order
Paralized we were waiting for death
Mesmerized like a million of others
Who wait for the sound of the wakening call

He's the one who will bring back the old times
Like the sun at the end of the night
The fear is gone in the heart of our fellows
After the sleep comes our time

On our sacred ride – we thirst for their blood
On our sacred ride – it’s time for revenge
Our holy revenge

Fortress of freedom, built by our heart
No one will ever tear it apart
No one will stop us on our sacred ride
The Starwolf by our side

The mighty symbols of the pirates will shine
Their names are Legion across the galaxy
And every mind that's free, it will know their sign
The will to freedom is the way to piracy

Keep Your Dreams Alive

When the whole world is against you
And your're under control
These words may be the answer
To strengthen up your soul
It seems that there's no way out
Remember what we've said
Listen this tune of hope
And make it spread

Committing Titanic Suicide
Asylum of our XTC
Infected with the sound of pride
Victorious we'll be

You have to keep your dreams alive
Whatever people may say
You have to keep your dreams alive
This is the only way

Your fingers touch the picture
Faces shining bright
The message - our mission
Born to rule the night
We won't make laws for you
Join us on our stride
Creating our new world
Fighting side by side

Under the Sign of steel reborn
We shout: See you in Hell
With Starwolf through the Novastorm
Hear our mighty yell:

In Morgan We Trust

Our rebel hearts they will never tame
Because we're out of control
Better die than live in the shame
That they have taken our souls

We walk through fire and storm
We're proud and never conform
In our power and Morgan we trust
This truth will forerver last
In our power and Morgan, Morgan we trust

Your desicion awaits, it's never too late
And we are proud of our scars
We share the the pain, the life and the fate
With the wolf of the stars

Merciless, in fury
Rage ist burning high
Vision of the old life
The pirates will defy